Sunday, 27 September 2015

My living room’s makeover with Bed, bath and beyond

Ever since hubby and I moved into our own pad, we had wanted to design it according to our own taste and personality. The flat, like most ready to move houses had plain cream walls which more often than not, made me feel very dull and old. We wanted to have a youthful appeal to our living room, since our house was always buzzing with friends and parties. However, as soon as the thought of a makeover would come to my mind, I would start fretting about so many things.

  • Who would do the run around to shop for the right shades of paint, home décor items (we both have pretty hectic jobs in Mumbai)
  • Since we had recently relocated, we hardly knew any local guy who could do the painting job for us. Without fleecing us!
  • I would often visualise the kind of space I wanted – lively, youthful and refreshing. However, after a hectic day in office I would be often, too tired to decide the entire look in my mind.

Few days ago, I discovered the all in one solution to my makeover concerns –

The more I discovered the website, the more it seemed my living room’s makeover would be a reality soon. is one stop solution to all your décor concerns.

Ideas, expert advice, paints, décor, furniture – the site offered everything at one place!

I soon got glued with their décor district and began to read the numerous articles on how to give a perfect makeover to your house.

Once I was done, it was time for some action. I chose the theme lemon cooler for my living room, since I was looking for a refreshing and youthful appeal. Finding the perfect shade was easy since the theme automatically offered the shades close to the look I wanted!

I quickly went to the paint finder tool and after selecting the shade, tried few looks for my living room.

To my surprise, the tool not only helped me select the perfect shade and preview the look, it also helped me calculate the approximate costing, offered product comparisons and….also offered to find a local professional to convert your dream look into reality! Wow! Was I dreaming? No!

So, what are you waiting for? Come to and find all your décor solutions at one go!

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