Saturday, 13 April 2013

2 down 4 to go

The race has begun – the race against time. U count days till the exams are over and it seems a long duration. You start writing the exam and before you know it, the time’s over!
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So, as the blog title reads, 2 exams have gone and 4 more are left. That’s like 1:3! It’s funny that even though nobody scolds me for my performance, out of genuine care and concern, my family calls me up after every exam to ask how it was. Anybody who’s in the same boat as me would understand how it is. If I tell my father that my exam didn’t go well, he gets super concerned and starts making suggestions. Now I hate being a brat and say “You won’t understand pa.” so, I politely try to explain the subject or the issue in layman terms. The exchange goes till either one of us gives up. But it starts afresh as soon as the next exam is over!

If the exam does go well, the praises come so premature that  I wonder if I did indeed perform well as don’t wanna surprise them when result come.

Well, exams also do some distortion to my appetite. Before a tough exam, the appetite is in a dormant mode and as soon as the exam is over, all hell breaks loose! The mess food has to be really bad to control it then.

Same goes for sleep. Before exams, the sleep is banging the door hard. And as soon as the ordeal is over, it goes out of the window!

Today was a relatively easy subject.  I had promised myself a good night sleep and no skipping breakfast. My friend S also coaxed me for a longish walk last night (on the pretext that it would be our last walk in college post which we would be on our own in our hometowns…typical girlie senti stuff!). The walk and the extra ice cream got the DJ (digestive juices) rocking and I hit the sack in no time.

After hitting the snooze button for the 3rd time, I realized I had fall prey to procrastination. I had decided to cover 2 easy (but highly expected to come in exam) topics early morning, knowing completely that I am just not a morning person. The watch showed it was far from early. With exactly 2.5 hrs to go for the exam, I cursed my laziness and got my fingers working on the laptop.

But I had a promise to fulfill. Today was a must have breakfast day as I had been skipping it for 2 days now. I gave myself all sort of gyan about not ignoring one’s health and gulped down a can of juice with some biscuits. Donno why, I got extremely motherly with myself. “I need to have proper breakfast”, I thought. I saw my friend P going to the mess and asked her to sneak in 2 paranthas as I had no motivation to go to the mess. She smiled and seeing my condition, immediately got me some tidbits to manage by the time she was back. And in no time, P was back with 2 aloo paranthas neatly wrapped up in tissue. 

Paranthas is the favorite breakfast item with of our hostel mess caterer. I guess all hostellers don’t need a description as paranthas are same in all the hostels – thick, half cooked and mysteriously stuffed with a stuffing that plays hide and seek. As I tried hard to make up for the lost time, instead of focusing on the pending topics, my focus was more on the food  – 1st cribbing, then gobbling it down. Once I was done, I had to have tea else I wouldn't have felt completely fed. By the time it was an hour to go for the exam, I had done everything except revsion, with eating being the major activity. I quickly flipped through the notes and rushed to the exam hall. 

A 3 hour paper is like a relay race, u mess up any lap and u’r out. With barely an hour gone, my stomach started to take revenge against the stuffing it had been subjected to. I was in a fix, to cater to the paining tummy or the painful exam. I chose the latter. The tummy didn’t give up for almost an hour and tried its level best to distract my mind away from the exam. I kept pacifying it with frequent time checks. As soon as I was out of the examination hall, I told myself – every promise need not be fulfilled.
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  1. Nice write. Please don't skip your breakfast lest you don't loose energy especially during exam times.

  2. The talk with the parents after the exam is always scary. If we say, we did well and later don't score well, we are in a big trouble. If we say and try to manage the not-so-well-written exam, we are in for a long talk about working a little hard.

    And breakfast. Hmm.. I can't or I shouldn't say anything about it because I don't eat breakfast most of the times. Last time I ate was when I was home. Rest of the time, even if can I don't. And need I say more about the breakfast on exams? I would rather skip the lunch as well just to complete a question or two. No, I am not one of the working hard type. I am exactly the opposite.
    But anyhow, Eat well. And All the Best for the exams.
    Btw you have exams without a gap ? #JustAsking

    Well, Take Care. :)

  3. Well the paranthas...the stuffing doesn't play hide and seek...coz you just can't seek..:D. It always remains hidden and somewhere in our subconscious (you can't eat a 'hostel parantha' in full concious :P) we convince ourselves about the stuffing :P :P

    R.I.P. taste buds :P :P

  4. This reminded me of my exam days!
    I am glad they are over.
    Great writing.

  5. Good read Shaivi:) Ur post reminded me of those beautiful moments only an exam gets:) *love that girl in the pic*

  6. I know what exams can do to you

  7. hahaha...rotfl...being a student...I can understand your feelings... :)
    all the best for next 4... :)

  8. hmm!!! well.. u write as if ur talking face to face ... and yes the definition of hostel parathas hahaha... all parathas are same in all hostels ... hahaha .. guess its not even debatable ?? mysteriously stuffed .. hahaha.. amazing !! its always fun reading Shivi ka Funda !! :)


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