Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Look who’s here again!

With much sadness, I announce that its exam time again.  Exams I feel are like common cold – no matter how much u dread them, or try to escape, they are bound to catch u. Just like common cold, there is no perfect way to handle exams, even if you know the perfect tricks. There are always the surprise moments which leave you laughing at your confidence – sometimes at excess of it, or the lack of it. But nevertheless, like cold, they come once every season, you have to go through the rituals & they are gone.

As a kid, even though I used to write my exams on my own, yet, I feel they actually were the responsibility of my mom. Poor mom used to wake up with me at the odd hours, helping me with anything and everything. Sometimes motivating me when I used to get depressed, otherwise chase and scold me to study, then her sweet curd before I went to write the paper; and waiting for me outside the examination hall, immediately taking the paper and asking what I wrote. Mothers are like x ray machines – she used to get my state of mind by looking at my face. So, if I avoided eye contact with her, she used to say “hand me the question paper & just forget about it”, never even waiting for me to give an explanation. And mind you, this happened right through college!

But I have to admit that had it not been for the fear of her scolding, I would have never studied the way I did. Like most youngsters, I too didn’t realize the long term effects & used to study just to finish the task at hand and make mom proud during the result day. And I used to wait for the day when I would grow up and no longer have to write papers.

And now, I wonder what I am doing with myself. There is no compulsion to study. I am no longer answerable for any course I take up. Yet, I study. I get into the same activity that I had waited to get rid off! And when one level is over, I promptly enroll myself for the next one, raising the bar high, axing my own foot.

So , I have an exam tomorrow (and yes, look at my guts, I am blogging!) and because I don’t feel like studying the Oh so tough subject, I ask myself, what do I do to get me studying?  All the fears of scolding etc have long faded into history. The same parents, no matter how I perform, now appreciate me for having tried. Mr Hubby always encourages me to just give my best and dump the rest!

The only motivation left now, is perhaps to genuinely learn something, to add some value to life, and to try my best for future. All long term stereotype gyaan. No mom now to scold me and get me into instant action. No short term motivation! But that’s what I always used to dread. And now, when it has gone, I am finding ways to get a short term motivation! Life….hehe…

Me wonderzzz…

Oof, exams are here again,
Bringing with them lots of pain
No matter how much I study
Everything goes in vain
Yet, they say no pain no gain
In this world, u gotta sustain
So I whip my slowing brain
Before I go insane!

And as always, here are some Google pics...


  1. Oh we have all been there. But all the best for your exams !! Hope you do well and the ordeal is over soon.

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

  2. Wait till you end up grading those exam copies in life like me :D

  3. Nice post Shaivi:) Best of luck for your exams:) Take your brain on a ride,just chill and ratta maro:)

  4. Nice write. Exams are necessary evils that grab you if you're willing or not. Anyway, all the best.

  5. Exams. The period of the year I hate the most. I know exactly how you feel. But then again, they are just inevitable, like the common cold as you say.

    Well, All the Best for the exams.

    Take Care. :)

  6. Ah mom...I know exactly what you're saying here.

    Anyway, eventually all the motivation that we can get is by keeping the flame alive. Kitck it, well in the exams :)

  7. love them hate them, you cant escape them....

  8. first of all the very best !! .. secondly ... ur kiddo days and mum's nightmare experiences reminded me of my mum's pain to forcibly wake me up early for revision .. lol !! Anywways i would take the opportunity to also praise u for always selecting gr8 cartoons and doodles ... I love reading your all the more coz of your doodle selections !! :)

  9. Shaivi first of all i would seize this opportunity to thank u for promoting my post.Then before i get carried away wish you success in ur exam.
    Now for the rest...i could relate so well to ur thoughts and words. Specially the mom part was touching...i myself have been a mom like that...more of my exams than my son's always. i guess no matter how far he goes i'll be lurking behind waiting to see his smile/frowns...
    Cheers to you. You have a life partner now who gives u what u need most. Motivation sans pressure.
    Loved that cute composition and all the pics that you have put.
    Thank u once again for bringing me you. :)

  10. All the best Shaivi for your exams . Those cartoons were really appealing .

    Travel India

  11. it remembers me my examdays...nice pictures

  12. it remembers me my examdays....nice images

  13. Very beautiful.... I guess exam times are dreadful for all.
    Anyways All the best :)

  14. Enjoyedv your post---took me back!!!!!!

  15. Nice read and All The Best for Ur Exams :)

  16. Ha Ha Ha !!!

    Exams r really tough 2 go.


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