Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I saw I learnt

I love sharing experiences,
So Blogadda.com gives me another chance
To share what I saw & learnt
This is a serious post, no fun/romance

News bulletin on the TV it was
The famous Delhi chill was the cause
Homeless people succumbed & chilled
With great pain my heart was filled.

I declared I will try to bring some change
Mr. Hubby in front of TV gave me a look so strange
But I was determined in my mind
Some way out I had to find

The scene near my home made my heart beat
A young girl slept wrapped in a torn bedsheet
While we slept enjoying the heater’s heat
She lay in the cold at the corner of the street

God loves all why should the innocent be killed
They too have dreams and aspirations to be fulfilled
I wondered how could I do my bit of the share
Hubby quickly said I could begin by simple share

Ma and I rushed to market next noon
Bought a nice blanket I waited for the moon
What if she changes her place? I frowned
Ma smiled, “Don’t worry she must be around”

We found her asleep at her usual spot
I tiptoed towards her fearing not to get caught
As I neared her, I saw her innocent face
Braving the struggles of life with a grace

“God bless u” I whispered as put the blanket on her lean frame
Then quickly hid in the car like in a hide n seek game
As she felt cosy the warmth I could feel
God had heard my humble appeal

Life teaches us new things each day
Its upon us to try and make our way
Its easy to sit in our homes crib and cry
But you gotta give your ideas wings to fly

The sweetness of the fruit of simple care
I tasted by doing that small share
Begin the  change you want, the rest follows
I saw & learnt

This post is written for the "I saw I learnt" contest by Blogadda

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  1. Gr8 ...the boundless joy one gets when one shares. You saw and learnt so should all of us...then what a wonderful world it would be. Share and care...not only rhyme very well but is THE essential per-requisite for that joy we seem to be missing these days.
    Lovely poetry...wish I was still teaching...would love to put it on my school bulletin board for all to see and learn.

  2. Just great. True, life teaches us many new things in every moment... Philosophical.

  3. You're a Good Samaritan indeed. The gesture you showed to a poor is to be emulated. by all right thinking people. A single action to mitigate the agony of a beleaguered soul is better than thousand words describing his/her ordeal.

  4. Nice Shaivi Best of luck hope you win the 1st prize :)

  5. gr8 composition..and a noble and compassionate gesture indeed..

  6. It takes effort to be out of your comfort zone to help the needed ... Salute your humanity ... and best of luck for the contest ...

  7. I agree with you Be the Change we want to see around and the rest will follow..and if everyone of us think that way it will be a great place to live in..BTW I am so happy for your Good Deeds..Keep it up.. :-)

  8. Good one...loved your way of narration. :-)

  9. The joy that comes after doing something for others is great.

  10. Nicely written. All the best for the contest!

  11. life teaches us new things everyday ! and what a lovely gesture....I sincerely wish you all the best !

  12. That is so nice of you. You were able to change at least one person.


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