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Book Review – The Homing Pigeons

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Author – Sid Bahri
Publisher – Srishti Publishers and Distributors
Pages – 318
Price – Rs 150

Sneak Preview from the book

Not all love stories are perfect,
But then, neither are people
In the middle of the catastrophic 2008 recession, Aditya, a jobless, penniless man meets an attractive stranger in a bar. Little does he know that his life will change forever.
When Radhika, a young, rich widow, marries off her stepdaughter, little does she know that the freedom she has yearned for is not exactly how she had envisioned it.
They say homing pigeons always come back to their mate, no matter where you leave them on the face of this earth. The Homing Pigeons is the story of love between these two unsuspecting characters as it is of lust, greed, separations, prejudices and crumbling spines.

My View

I have been reading many romantic fictions of late, and one thing that sets a good book apart from an average one is the affection created in the minds of the readers for the protagonist. A good book is the one that makes me feel it is all happening in front of me, and each blow to the love gets me going “Oh….poor he/she”.

The Homing Pigeons – the title seemed very promising. And to a large extent, the author is promising too. The Emotions warped around the tale of the girl/guy next door. But if only he worked a bit more on the basic – the story, it would have been a more fulfilling experience.

Nevertheless, the book is a nice one time quick read in the trip from office to home, for the fiction will surely transport you to the world of Aditya and Radhika. Aditya – whose life oscillates from good to good to best to worst to better, is the perfect friend cum lover, who will go against all odds and rebel to stand by his lady love. The lady love in questions, Radhika has been a tree that has so often been uprooted and replanted and in the process, has moved into a state of mental trance. All is well between them until both decide to take the relationship to next level. A rebellious Radhika somehow gives in to her parents’ wishes and chooses to marry a stranger in a stranger land, leaving behind her lover who has stood beside her.

The next few chapters see Aditya and Radhika’s lives undergo some unwelcomed changes. Radhika in and out of a painful marriage; and Aditya falling prey to work stress, recession, a bad marriage and an unfortunate or perhaps fortunate meeting with Divya who turns this promising wealth manager to a full time Gigolo.

But as they say, Homing Pigeons always find their true mate, so despite the arguments, the sacrifices, the mess ups in their lives, Aditya and Radhika are meant to be with each other.
The problem – the reader always know they will come together and that somehow steals the charm. Chapter by chapter, the story gets predictable, and one can just help wonder when will they finally vow to be together for eternity and the story will end!

Go for it is you are looking for something light, short and sweet that you don’t wanna remember after a read; else life is still good!

About the author – Sid Bahri
A hotelier by education, an ex banker and a senior executive in the outsourcing industry, Sid gave up a plush career in outsourcing industry to follow his passions. Based out of Ranikhet, he is now a struggling entrepreneur and a happy writer. A self proclaimed eccentric, he is an avid blogger who loves to read and cook. This is his debut novel.

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  1. Sounds like a simple and start up book. Thanks for sharing

  2. Nice review, Shaivi! :)
    True- "Not all love stories are perfect,
    But then, neither are people."


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