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Book review – Humanshastra

Author – Jatin Bhirmani
Publisher – BecomesShakespeare
Genre – Self Help
Pages – 102
Price – Rs 145

“All your actions are being watched and recorded. You cannot hide or escape. You cannot hide or escape. You may have to prepare yourself for the inevitable – good, bad, for your everyday actions, sooner or later and in some form or the other.”

With no preview on the back cover and only these words by the author to see, I was wondering what’s in store inside the book. I am very skeptical about the self help genre, and the surprisingly less number of pages for a self help book made me wonder what the author wanted to convey in short that would help us make a difference in our lives. But as I deep dived page by page, I was glad the author kept his thoughts to the point instead of stretching the content like a bubblegum (as most self help books do!)

The Cover

The title Humanshastra sitting in the lap of mother nature, lush green surroundings, blue sky and a bright sun smiling at you from the horizon…Oh I immediately wanted to be there! But then the only way to be there was to enter the author’s world, his book.

The Book
Our relationship with nature begins in life before any other relationship gets formed. Its nature who nurtures and teaches us to live. Nature wants all its children happy, so it has given us some guidelines and laws that will help us remain in the territory of its care. But do all children respect and obey mother nature? With years adding to our lives, we get webbed in the materialistic world, and the lap of nature is somewhere forgotten in the midst of deadlines, targets, worldly pleasures and the rat race.

In a world like this, the book makes us pause and reflect about our relationship with nature. We are all children of nature. But, do we act in accordance with nature? If not, why? And if change begins from us, how can we avoid the wrath of not adhering to the laws of nature?

In the 100 odd pages, the author takes us back to the principles to a happy living. As you read, you realize it’s the age old wisdom that gets passed on to us during childhood. However, as we grow up, our thoughts, behavior and actions in our daily life take us on the highway to unhappiness. It’s time however, to reflect and take the right path. In order to start the reflection phase, the author, in the first few chapters throws many set of questions, forcing us to think whether our acts and thoughts are in accordance with the laws of nature. Next he quickly does a ready reckoner of these laws and how they can change our lives. And just when you understand it all, the author bridges the gap between what and why, sharing the path to happiness and satisfaction by following the nature’s path.

What I liked
The author crisply takes the readers through the path to self discovery. The book is like a recap to the age old wisdom of virtues we learn throughout our lives. We might know it all, but whether we remember and implement is the challenge author has beautifully handled. To avoid any confusion, and perhaps to re –emphasize, the author explains each law of nature in his own simple way, with examples. Various anecdotes decorate the book and one stops and reflects. Read a chapter, reflect, and jot down how you would apply the same in your life….that's how I would recommend reading.

About the author
Jatin Bharmani is a HR professional with more than 12 years of professional experience. In 2011, he found Opteemize in 2011, which is a Human Resource Management consulting firm. Humanshastra is his effort to create awareness about the laws of nature and how all of us can be inspired by the unseesn.

This review is written for The views and opinions expressed are my own and under no obligation or influence.

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  1. I have read very few books from the 'self help' genre and I think now I want to read this one! Thanks for the lovely review dear :)


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