Saturday, 30 August 2014

Conversations with clouds

Beneath the lovely blue sky,
Its their space to rule and fly,

Wandering layers of white I see,
Making faces when they look at me

Are they friends up above,
On these white rafts enjoying their flight?
I jump but fall back despite all my might,

Childhood stories said they transport people up there,
Oh I too wanna experience their love n care!

I wonder what it would b like to meet them,
Would they b layers of satin, or velvet when I touch them!

Wanting to go a step above I try going to hills,
Maybe I can jump there, touch them and take my fill

Up above they do meet,
Before I can jump they embrace me and greet

Much beyond satin or silk they are my friends in the sky,
We meet after long n I feel droplets in their tears of joy!

No faces no shapes they take me to the land of fun
With clouds with me in the hills i know what is heaven!


  1. I could just picture everything in my mind while reading this. Loved it :)

  2. beautiful lines, shaivi. liked it :)


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