Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Ambi Pur mini vent clip…chhotaa pack badaa dhamaal!

Whenever mom in law goes out of Delhi, Mr. Hubby and I get into a total bachelor mode! Now I don’t mean to sound mean coz the same me also calls her numerous times a day with excuses just because I miss her. You see, all moms are amazing but in the bouquet of care also comes a long list of do’s and don’t’s. And thanks to the caring mom in law I have, the list of don’ts is a bit too long.

So the last time she went to visit her sister, Mr. Hubby and I planned a night out with our gang of friends. Music, masti, dhamaal and lots of good food! Since ma tries her best to keep us away from the “unsafe” street food, her absence was the best time to gorge on that!

You see, we Dilliwaalaas are very style conscious. We might gorge on the local rolls on the street but we like to do it in style. So, every evening you will Dilliwaalas enjoying street food in the comfort of their a/c cars dumped…oops parked near the roadside eateries.

All was perfect that night, till about 10pm, when a call on Mr. Hubby’s phone got us all freaked out. It was a call from his boss. He had called up to inform him of his arrival the next morning. An important issue had to be discussed with the client and he wanted Mr. Hubby to pick him from airport so they could discuss the plan before meeting the client.

We took one look at our car, bits of chips, onion rings, chutney and other food items scattered on the seat and floor. Even if I cleaned up the mess, the smell would tell the tale of the night out to the boss. “I will take a cab instead to pick boss, though I hate giving directions to the cabbie” Mr. Hubby said with a sad face.

“Sprinkle a strong perfume! The smell will go” a friend suggested. “But it will be gone by the time I reach the airport, and would perhaps get on my head before the boss.” Mr. Hubby junked the idea.

However, the dumb suggestion had rung the bell in my mind, and reminded me of the Ambi Pur mini vent clip sample I had received few days back. “Don’t worry, I have something that will turn the smell to smile. Relax” I said with a smile.

Mr. Hubby was up early next morning and was still upset to see the remains of last night in the car. While I had the car all cleaned up, the smell refused to vacate the premises, just like troublesome tenants refusing to vacate the house!

I opened the clip and fixed it in the car. “Can this small packet do what a strong perfume cannot?” Mr. Hubby was still doubtful. “Rest assured. Ambi Pur is especially designed to eliminate bad odour and not merely mask it. Don’t worry, the smells will be all gone by the time you reach the airport.” I reassured him.

A smiling Mr. Hubby came to pick me from work that evening. As I sat inside the car, it felt like some other world to which I was transported. Not even a trace of the smells which could speak of last night. “So, did your boss smell something fishy?” I giggled and asked Mr. Hubby. “Smell? Oh, he was all smiles…in the evening, on his way back to airport, he even asked me what perfume do we use inside our car as he found it very relaxing.” He said. “And what about the smell?” I asked “No smell, only smiles…we got the deal done! “

The deal was done for me too, for my chhotaa clip had indeed managed the badaa dhamaal!

This post is written for the Ambi Pur mini vent clip contest by Ambi Pur and Indiblogger. Ambi Pur, from our very own P&G has come up with an entire range of air fresheners to transform your driving experience from smelly to smiley. Available in five exciting shades - New Zealand springs, Lavender comfort, Sky Breeze, Light Citrus and Thai Dragon fruit! Do try and escape into freshness whenever you drive!!!

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  1. Shaivi, Nicely expressed. Ambi Pur Mini Vent Clip is Chota Pack & Bada Dhamaal with Kamaal! Even I shared my Fresh experience:)


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