Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Dance it out for a safer and independent “her”

So what if the feet are bruised,
The spirit to strive gives me wings
A melody plays in the background
I forget the pain the heart sings
I may not have the best dancing shoes
But my spirit if set free

Would run and grab that precious chance
And as if no one is watching, I would dance!

The words are mine but the spirit is hers. She, the woman of India, who loves to dream, dare and dash. She loves to sing her own song and dance like no one’s watching. But the eyes of hungry wolves hovering in her city wouldn’t just let her dance. “She is a girl, she should be shy, behind the scenes, since when did she dare to step out, forget even dancing”, they say. And so, to discourage her, they play various mean games to stop her – teasing, taunting, and assaults. But she is a woman of steel. She knows how to get the step right and if required stomp on the foot of that guy getting too close. She might stay out to work for her family but she sure knows her duties back home, and smartly does the juggling solo dance with finesse! That’s the woman of today – brave, independent and with a heart of gold. 

She loves to live as if there is no tomorrow and dance like no one’s watching. And when troubled, she surely knows how to get back at them in her own way. Thinking of dancing against all odds, I am reminded of the famous artist Padmabhushan Teejan Bai. Born in a backward village of Chhhatisgarh, she faced suppression from the men folk for performing in a form that was male dominated. But she faced them all and went on to perform her way to success, and she is an icon today.

Saluting the spirit of freedom, Dance it out Indiblogger meet was apt to the women who dare. Unlike the usual meets which wrap up by sunset, this one went on till night. The microwaves came in handy as hubbies were instructed to be on their own for a day as wives had the full evening to dance it out.  As the meet progressed, there were few frowns as women safety is an issue that has been discussed and abused time and again. But the performance Jyoti bani Jwala, sent the message that no matter how many hurdles come our way, we need to keep the flame (Jyoti) burning inside. So, all inhibitions were kicked off, as we were safe in the unsafe city with numerous friends like us and the brave heart spirit.

As the winning team was announced, my face was lit up. For the Jyoti inside us had won! I chose not to look at my watch and danced it out for the women in my country who shed away the fear and step out of their homes to chase their dreams.

(Incidentally Jyoti is also the name of the December 16, 2012 gangrape victim who the nation named Nirbhaya. She too, went out to chase her dreams and to enjoy a free life. But some people couldn’t tolerate a girl enjoying her freedom and did their best to teach Jyoti and the women of our society a lesson. Jyoti may have died but the flame (Jyoti) inside every woman burns strong. I dance it out for every woman in my country who dares to live her life without being deterred by the if’s and but’s of the society. She may look fragile, but she is fiery like a tigress. Try harming her freedom and she will show how she can keep herself secure and safe.)

Here’s a song I wanna dedicate to the cause (women safety) that I dance it out for..."badal pe paon hain"

This post is written for the Dance India Dance Indiblogger meet...a once in a lifetime experience where we got to Dance it out with the Dance India Dance Season 4 judges...Master Mudassar and Master Feroz! Here's the facebook page for the Zee TV . Running in its 4th season now, Dance India Dance is a  famous dance show that has taken television like no other show has. 

Some pics from the Indiblogger meet… 


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