Sunday, 27 October 2013

Book review – Baramulla Bomber

Author – Clark Prasad
Publisher – Niyogi Books
Pages – 316
Price – Rs, 395 (You can also grab it from Flipkart)

Sneak preview from the book
An ancient weapon from the Vedas & Bible
Once hunted by the Nazis
Powered by the sound of the universe
Reborn with the help of Quantum Physics
Going to be Unleashed onto the world
& Kashmir holds it’s secret
The only way
To save the world
Is to challenge one’s faith
Multiple intelligence agencies are tracking Mansur Haider, a God fearing aspiring cricketer from Kashmir. His girlfriend, Ahana Yajurvedi is trying to locate her missing mountaineering team, which vanished after a mysterious earthquake struck Shaksgam valley. Investigating Mansur and the Shaksgam valley incident is Swedish Intelligence officer, Adolf Silfverskiod, whose only relationship to God consists of escorting his girlfriend to church.
A dual China-Pakistan battlefield scenario facing the Indian Home minister, Agastya Rathore, whose ancestoprs carry a prehistoric secret linked to the stars. He is faced with the challenge of finding a lasting solution to the Kashmir crisis.
Which Biblical weapon was tested in Shaksgam Valley? Why is MansurHaider important?Is there a solution to the Kashmir crisis? Can destiny be controlled? Does a cosmic religion exist?

My view
When BlogAdda sent me Baramulla Bomber for review, I was quite uncertain if I would do justice to the book. For it is a science fiction espionage thriller. I have been often disappointed by many books claiming to be science fiction stuff when all that they end up doing is revolving around some plot, unnecessarily complicating it and then winding up everything in a hurry.

The cover seemed very impressive and even the impressive illustrations and the maps. And no sooner had it arrived that I thought it would be the perfect companion for my metro rides. But don’t get caught by mis notions. It’s a book with many a twist and turns, and one has to concentrate else the ever changing situations and the constant inflow of new characters will leave a reader thoroughly confused.

The author has created a heady cocktail with ingredients like the Kashmir issue, Indo China relations, science, mythology, a dash of cricket for humour and lot of thrill. Each character has his own story to tell – Mansur Haider, who undergoes the transformation from an aspiring cricketer to the Baramulla bomber; Agastya Rathore, the home minister who has to find a way to save a nation; the author has done justice to the characters and the fast pace of the book.

Overall, Baramulla Bomber is sure to keep your thrill quotient high with its fast pace and lot of twist and turns.

The one area where I felt the author could have fared better is the length of the book. It was a real struggle to keep up with the book in the initial hundred pages, coz the overflow of information and illustrations was beginning to get irritating. However, once you cross that mark and started to get the hang of the story, it is sure to keep you hooked on. Full of suspense, in fact the author has even mentioned a disclaimer in the book for bloggers not to give details of the plot or plot spoilers, so grab your copy now!

About the author
Clark Prasad, aka Suraj Prasad, was born in Lagos, Nigeria. He has mostly lived in Lagos, New Delhi, Mangalore and Kozhikode.

A pharmacist with a management degree, Clark currently works as a management consultant and is based at Bengaluru. Baramulla Bomber is his first book.

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