Saturday, 5 January 2013

Shave Or Crave

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Looking at his evening stubble, I roll my eyes & ask him, what is it that u crave? “Am I a gal that I will crave?” he says and walks away. “Men”…I say as I sip my coffee…

We women have a new craving every hour (pani puri, chocolate, shopping, coffee, breezer, Chinese, Italian…an endless list). The Martians (i.e. Men), on the contrary are so predictable, so plain.

If u plot a woman’s choice on a graph, the crests and troughs will drive u crazy...her ever changing moods, wants, desires.  A man’s choice as usual, would be a straight line parallel to x axis! Same socks, shoes, the tattering old t shirt he still holds on to, cricket (wait…cricket…but my man doesn’t even crave cricket!)

“The Gillette must be lying idle and he must be enjoying the smoothness of his single malt”, I grumbled

My cribbing continued…

Men have no cravings coz they get what they want. Even if they crave, they won’t show. Like a charmer, they will get their object of desire. So simple and smooth, just like their clean shaven face. When everything has to be so smooth, then why that evening stubble? Where does the penchant for smoothness go then?

Me wonderzzz…

We women are so brainy & brave
Frustration we hide and patience we save
Woo him first and then make him crave
Till he gets a smooth, clean shave…

As I plan, he comes, his eyes shine,
brings his gillete  shaven  face next to mine
I smile as I notice his shave
He whispers in my ears “It’s you I crave” 

This post is a part of the "Shave or Crave" movement in association with, "The biggest community of Indian bloggers"
This post is a part of the <a href=""
 title="Shave or Crave" target="_blank">'Shave or Crave'</a> movement in association with 
<a href="" title="The biggest community of Indian 
Bloggers" target="_blank"></a>

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