Thursday, 31 January 2013

Song review – Lat Lag Gayee (Race II)

Mr hubby & I are poles apart in our choice of movie songs. I am a retro while he is a metro & loves to try out new things. I feel like an antique piece when hubby & niece discuss the latest songs. But that’s the beauty of being married. The best of both come together & we are an amazing Antakshari team.

Few days ago, he called me up & was humming this song in some ‘”Uh uh uh aaaa yey” I was like “you fine?” He then said it was the latest hottest number from Race 2. He usually updates the old fashioned me however he was all praises for Jaqueline Fernandes. As the wife in me fumed inside, I hid the smoke & lovingly said “Sure baby, will check it out”.

I must admit I usually think all men just like women with less clothes & probably that’s why he was all praises for Jaqualine. But one look at the song & it proved me wrong. The lady is doing all she can to make her mark in Bollywood & the efforts do show. Here’s the song...

It’s the first time that I looked at a song &  noticed the girl more than the guy. Hey! Before u jump on to conclusions, I’m perfectly norrrmal. But look at Saif in the song. He doesn't look normal. He needs some lessons from his new begum on looking young (he can try by throwing that cigarette) and  being more stylish. Once look at the song & he is looking the oldest odd one out in the entire cast. Mr. Casting Director, poor Jackie is making so much efforts to brighten up, at least do justice to her by casting some young actor! I know u compensated for Saif’s fee by cost cutting in Jackie’s clothes. But I just loved her green mini skirt & the overall look.

Overall, the song is a treat & I couldn't help but tap my feet to the amazing techno beats. Shalmali Kholgale has done full justice with her attitude waala voice & has proven her versatility after songs like Pareshaan (Ishaqzade). Full marks to the choreographer for getting the steps right with Jackie, specially the finger on the lips step which caught immediate attention of Mr. Hubby. However, Saif could have done more than just jumping on the fragile dance floor (thump, thump, thump!) & his same old blank face, trying to give the same old macho looks.

4 on 5 from me for the song. The one point has been deducted due to the Chhote Nawab, else everything is flawless.  Maybe its time Saif focuses more on pleasing his Begum than romancing actresses who look much younger than him…


  1. Haven't heard or seen the song Shaivi, so can't agree or deny abt what you said abt Saif's looks.. but couldn't help saying that over the years saif has gone thru one of the biggest transitions i have ever seen anyone else undergo. Remember his sheepish grins in one of those movies like Hum saath saath hain? Saif himself has said many a times how he regrets the roles he chose. Even in movies like Kal ho naa ho he played second fiddle. But compare him now in Kurbaan, Agent vinod (Whatever people say, i did like it!) and hum tum, he has really come off age, isn't it?

  2. I have seen and hear the song, and I would say this much that Saif looks MUCH better than Jaqueline Fernandes. Having said this, I would agree that the music and the lyrics are really good. I have reviewed the song in my own word and have also added the lyrics and download link.

  3. Seen this song dozens of time..nice beat, very well choreographed and most importantly I like Jaqueline for the first time & I don't think she will ever get such a song number again :)

    I totally agree with Arnab, Saif is completely grown up now. And as Mr. Chowdhury said he is looking good but nevertheless the song is made for Jacq n she has done justice with it. Everything is perfect. I don't think I had ever heard a song so many times after Hritik's KNPH songs..outstanding.

    Ever since my friend Narendra, shared why he likes Abbas-Mastan's movies ..I had seen both the Race & waiting for Race 3 :)


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