Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A better way…

So many gadgets floating around,
Promising great features to be found
But when it comes to delivering the same
The big promises hide in shame
If only there was a better way
It would truly make my day

The poet in me was grumbling an impromptu poem as I struggled to revive my tablet, famished due to battery discharge. “And I was promised a battery life by the salesperson.” I said to myself, remembering the conversation I had with the salesperson while buying my tablet.

Being a working woman, a wife, a blogger and a daughter in law, I have to juggle various acts together. As the passion for blogging overshot the time available in hand, I had bought a tablet to be “always on the go”. It seemed like the next best thing. I was promised all the good things a woman could ask for – seeing a recipe on the tablet right in the kitchen and preparing the dish right away; catching up on my movies, blogs and e books on my way to work and most importantly, to be able to blog live anywhere, anytime.
But there were few things I was not prepared for –

  • I opened the recipe on the tablet and placed it on the slab, and before the salt could go inside the pan, it chose to season the screen of my tablet. Soon after mom in law came and said “Why have you kept on the slab? Anything could spill over.” And my enthusiasm of cooking disappeared then and there.

  • In the evening, in the metro, I thought of catching up on some blogging. And that’s when I discovered another irritating aspect – I could either hold the tablet right or could type. For there was no way, I could place it in a position comfortable enough to write.
  • At night, I cursed my tablet while trying to type my next post. For, before I could press the upload button, the tablet shouted of a low battery, wasting 45 minutes of nonstop typing.
  • Mornings began with a stiff neck. For, long hours of late night in ergonomically unsuitable position played its part right.

As I sipped my morning tea with a pained look one day, Mr. Hubby looked concerned. Life had not changed for good despite the entry of the tablet.

Oblivious to the thoughts in his mind, I said, “I am stressed. Perhaps, yoga could help.”
“Yes, yoga will help you do stuff in a better way”, he said.

“A better way?” I was puzzled.

By evening the puzzle had been solved.

Indeed, Yoga had come to my rescue – Mr. Hubby had bought home the Yoga tablet from Lenovo.

“Another tablet? Why? They are all the same!” I sounded concerned.
“No dear, this time your pain is sure to be over”, Mr. Hubby sounded relaxed.

In the next couple of days, the Yoga tablet indeed proved the better way had arrived.

With its dynamic “multi modes”, my tablet experience seemed to have been revolutionized!

Picture this –

  • Me in kitchen - trying out Mr. Hubby’s favourite Lebanese dish. No hassle of spill, for my Yoga tablet offered a stand mode which helped me read out the recipe comfortably.

  • The journey to office no longer remained a struggle of holding the tablet right. With its hold mode, I could easily maintain that grip amidst all the jerks and the metro crowd. Soon the crowded metro experience to work became my time of catching up on my e books and articles. Due to the ease of holding, the tablet had also become my companion to the supermarket. Life was changing for good!

  • Late night blogging no longer meant ergonomic discomfort. With the tilt mode, I could complete all the blogging and typing work easily, without any compromise on my spine or the blogging deadlines. With a battery backup of upto 18 hours, my Yoga tablet left all other tablets behind.

And this is the poet in me now –

No pain in the spine
No missing deadline
With its dynamic multi mode
Lenovo seems to have cracked the code
With dynamic modes - Tilt, stand or hold
And a battery life so bold
The Yoga tablet is here to stay
And help us do things in a better way

This is a post written for ABetterWay contest by Lenovo, in association with IndiBlogger. Lenovo, with itsYoga Tablet has revolutionised the entire tablet experience. Dynamic multi modes, superb battery life, and the trusted name of Lenovo – the Yoga tablet will surely help us do things in a better way!


  1. Cute post Shaivi dear! The poems in between were lovely! All the best :)

  2. Yes, very lifestyle friendly model. It sure is going to be big hit in the market. Great post Shaivi. All the best!

  3. Cool they say: Code is poetry... you have now made hardware poetry....

  4. Very interesting blog post ;) All the best :)


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