Monday, 23 December 2013

A box full of memories…

My best friend Gracy is my friend, philosopher, guide and partner in crime. We met in primary school – me, a shy 6 year old, late entrant in the middle of the academic session. She, a confident, vivacious, hip n happening gal, who always did what she felt was right….and over the years, passed on her “having a mind of your own” infection to me.
She displayed her daredevil attitude in our first meeting itself when she saved me from couple of classmates who were trying to bully me, taking full advantage of my new kid on the block status. We hit it instantly, our personalities so different, yet complementing each other in our own right.

The bus ride to school no longer remained a crying affair for me, for Gracy was there waiting inside with my seat well reserved. She became my first reason to look forward to going to school.

The fashionista…
While I was the studious, shy, boring kid, she knew her mix n match right. Her house was not far from mine. Whenever mom would get late to pick me up, I would go to her house, and enjoy the yummy south Indian feast her mom prepared for us. Knowing my mom would come to pick me up only by evening, we would quickly finish the homework and create our mini theatre. Her mom’s sarees became our theatre wings and her makeup kit, our treasure. We would spend the entire afternoon trying to drape aunty’s sarees; get the makeup and hairdo right and do our own small fashion show, where we were the models as well as the audience! Pity then, there were no digicams, leave apart mobile phones. Else, watsapp would have come very handy!

My first stint with nailpaint
I will never forget the day I put on my first coat of nail paint. Immense joy and sorrow at the same time…that was what I felt that day. Our moms always kept nail paints away from us. It was also a banned item in school. Being the curious duo, we were dying to paint our nails red. One day Gracy smuggled her mom’s brand new nail paint to school. Since there was a checking of nails in the assembly, Gracy decided we would colour our nails in the bus on our way back home. Amidst the jerks of the old DTC school bus, Gracy somehow managed to dump the red liquid on our nails. We were happy for having done it finally but didn’t know what awaited us at the bus stop. The moment our mothers saw our nails, they got furious. Gracy faced her mom’s ire for spoiling her brand new nail paint while my mom blasted at me for doing stuff that wasn’t meant to be for kids.

Our birthdays
We always were chief guests in each others’ birthday parties. While I ensured mom gave her the big waaala cake piece with the cream flowers and cherry, Gracy ensured she would give me undivided attention in her party.

Life becomes a beautiful journey when you have a best friend who understands the hidden you.

Sharing our passions, secrets, temptations, we grew up and went on to different colleges. While our mutual friends were sad for us, for they thought it would make us part; for Gracy and I, it was a moment to rejoice. For different colleges meant a wider span of boys to checkout at college fests! We would hang out at each other’s college, and leave no chance to be the “pretty gal from other college”. Gracy was a rockstar, for I would receive so many requests from guys for “a friendly intro” with her.

College also meant more pocket money, frequent trips to janpath and Sarojini market, where we would spend hours bargaining and picking up similar clothes!

The three memorable years of college also gave us numerous pyjama parties! These were also occasions for us to organise our own mini “budget” spa sessions where we would share tips, try new hair masks, share knowledge about any new beauty product and display our intelligent self by sharing beauty secrets. Gracy would treat me to a special hot oil hair massage and I would introduce her to new face masks!

Some girls envied us, for girls aren’t supposed to share beauty secrets! But when you have a friend who is a mirror image of your own soul, the word “competition” does not exist!

Sharing our joys and sorrows, we both are now into our late twenties.

Here are some lines I dedicate to the beautiful angel in my life…

From sharing our lunch box,pencils and clips
 to sharing beauty and dating tips,
from advising on a bad hair day
to waiting for me on hot afternoons of May
From sharing secrets nobody else knew
To being one of my closest few
For understanding the unsaid of a person so shy
On bad days, giving me a shoulder to cry
I am blessed to have a friend like you
I know such luck comes only to few
Friends like you are timeless, like wine
Thanks for filling my life with sunshine!

This post is written for Guessing Game contest by Indiblogger and Dove.


  1. Very cute post great to have a best friend na? :P ATB dear :)

  2. lovely post.. good friends are always a blessing. all the best Shaivi :)

  3. The best thing is the cartoon in the beginning and then its a lovely read... good luck!!

  4. Beautiful post Shaivi, but more than that it was the beautiful poem that tugged at my heart! Lovely! :)

  5. That poem reminds me on my best BFF Nithya. Shared it with her and she loved it too :)

    All the best for the contest!


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