Tuesday, 31 December 2013

UnJaani Dushmanee with stubble

It was the wedding day of Bhola, the local hero and Champa, Thakur’s daughter. Sadness surrounded the decked up haveli. In last 3 months, 4 brides had lost their lives to the secret monster. His target – brides dressed in red. 

A night before wedding, the monster played his trick. He possessed Bhola’s body before the wedding rituals. Waiting for the kill, all it could do to Bhola was to grow ugly stubble on his face.

Everyone was shocked. But since Bhola had just been back from a trip to town, everyone thought stubble was the new fashion in town.

The procession reached Champa’s haveli. Dressed in red, Champa walked in. As she looked up to see her prince charming, her eyes opened wide in shock. The smooth and well groomed Bhola was sporting ugly stubble!

“Bhola, what have you done? This is not the look we decided. I hate that unclean stubble.” Champa fumed. “Bapu, I can’t marry him. Marriage happens once in life, I can’t spoil my photu album with this ugly look”, she said.

The monster hiding inside Bhola’s body, couldn’t take any more insult. “I will show her what can I do”. Within minutes the stubble grew to an ugly beard and the monster pounced at Champa.
Just then, Swamiji, the village priest threw Gangajal on him. The monster soon left Bhola’s body and Bhola became normal.

“Beti, how did u know he had changed?” Thakur Sahab asked. 

Champa smiled, “Bapu, when I met Bhola the first time, his simplicity and clean shaven look bowled me over. I knew Bhola would do anything but would never sport stubble, coz he knows his Champa hates that unclean stubble”

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  3. Kya baat Champa to cha gayi...he he... filmy kahaani..vadiya hai

  4. haha :D filmy stuff got converted into a full blown story :D Loved it!!



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