Friday, 27 December 2013

5 vardaans from mummy Santa

Parents - a word that lays a lot of meaning in my life. All that I am today I because of the hard work and sacrifice by my parents. They sacrificed their comforts to ensure I didn’t miss on any of my luxuries. Their careful planning, consistent saving and wise investments ensured I got the best - for education, health, comforts and marriage. Thanks mom and dad, for you are the one I look up to when I think of ideal parenting.

At a time when biological clock goes ticking and relatives shower me with advises to take on the “big” responsibility, BlogAdda and HDFC come up with the 1001 gifts activity. Parenting brings unbounded joy in one’s life. But with it also come responsibility, for someone’s entire life depends on your decisions. As parents, we want the best for our kids. Having got the best from my parents, I would like to follow the learning they gave me, and take it a step forward to ensure my children can live their life with happiness, dignity and independence.

So, if me, the mummy Santa were to think of 5 vardaans (5 gifts) I could give my kids for a secure future, they would be –

1.     Learn, for the universe is your learning ground – My mom always said everyone learn from their own mistakes, but a wise person is the one who learns from the mistake of others. I wish to pass on the vardaan of the quest for learning to my li’l ones. For, the person who learns to adapt to the changing environment learns to survive in all seasons.

2.     Saving for the rainy day – As a parent, we want the best for our kids. And the secret of getting the best in limited resources lies in meticulous planning. To ensure everything goes smooth for them, even if I am not there, I will invest, but at the same time, I would also want them to understand the value of money and learn the art of planning.

3.    Be Positive – Ups and downs are a part and parcel of life. But the one who emerges a winner in the race of life is the one who stays positive and never loses faith in hardwork.

4.    Health is wealth – All the comforts are a waste without a healthy body and soul. In today’s stressful life, health problems can knock at the door anytime. Just like my parents ensured my health cover was the first big gift I got, I too would ensure the same for my kids. Ayushmaan Bhava!

5.    Live with Dignity  - Better to live a humble life with dignity, than to enjoy comforts from pity. Own house, sufficient investments so that my kids don’t have to depend on anybody to realize their dreams. The final vardaan – Sar Uthha ke Jiyo!


This post is a part of the 1001 Gifts Activity by HDFC Life in association with BlogAdda


  1. Nice work... and diplomatically linked to what the sponsors are interested in... :)

    Arvind Passey

    1. Hi Arvind,

      Rather than commenting on everyone's blog and highlighting what they have written, I hope you could have done better work. If you understood what the sponsors wanted, then you could have re-written your article rather than spamming other's articles.

  2. Nice everlasting(hopefully) gifts you'v got there :) All the best for the contest!

  3. Lovely write ... all the best for the contest :-)

  4. Such a beautiful post Shaivi :)
    Really there's a huge list of wonderful gifts that parents can give to their kids.
    All the best for contest dear


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