Thursday, 5 December 2013

Very Very Cranberry

Best friend’s birthday last year,
Surprise bash was planned by us friends dear,
At midnight, with goodies, we landed at his place,
Poor guy was too surprised, with his cranberry colored face!

Cake, music – everything was set,
Something to drink we asked him to get,
The guys appealed for hard drinks, we girls created quite a fuss,
The typical bitter hard drinks just didn’t suit us.

"Don’t worry" he said as he opened the freezer,
And took out colourful bottles of Breezer

Being a very berry person,
Cranberry to me seemed a safe bet,
Didn’t know it would turn out to be,
The best flavour I would get.

No extra sweet, no extra tang,
No bitterness either. Wow! Said the girl gang!
With the sweet n sour combo so fine,
I knew all cranberry breezers that night were gonna be mine!

It’s chilled, fruity and mild,
So girls can relax, enjoy their breezer and get wild!
No heady feeling next day,
The friend called and asked, “u made merry?”
“Merry” I said “ala cranberry”

This post is written for Catch the flavour contest by Indiblogger. Breezer is a fruity, mild drink one can enjoy without the stress of a hangover or a high. Cranberry, with its perfect sweet and sour flavour, is my favourite and my saviour at parties where I can’t go for the bitter strong drinks. If you haven’t had Cranberry Breezer, you have missed something…what are you waiting for….Catch the flavour!


  1. Enjoyed reading it. Good flow of words!

  2. I loved how you rhymed it ... it was fun to read :D

  3. Hey great that you write it as a poem,, though I think that Jamiacan passion is best ;) :D

    All the best for the contest...

    Do check mine and let me know what you think... :)

  4. Nice rhythm that has been brewed through the very un-conventional review post. Very much 'hadke' ...
    All Hail Team Cranberry \m/


  5. "Very berry person." Haha :P!
    Even though I'm on another team (Jamaican Passion), can't help but appreciate this :). Very well written. All the best for the contest :).

  6. Wonderful Shaivi! Congrats for your win! :)

  7. Wonderful Shaivi! Congrats for your win :)


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