Sunday, 29 December 2013

For better or for worse…

Things had become bad to worse over the last few months. She had been under house arrest by her own family. Loving a boy of another religion was the worst gift she had given her orthodox parents.  Her only hope - the housemaid, who could pass on the message to her lover.

The decision was made, to escape the land where love holds no meaning. She convinced the maid to deliver that letter to her lover, and in exchange parted with the stilettos her brother had got her from London.

On the fateful night, she fled home as the maid bid her a silent goodbye. “So far so good”, she thought as she crossed the first hurdle – getting out of the house secretly. The enthusiasm of being with her beloved surpassed the pain of leaving home without saying the final goodbye. But all was fair in love and war.

With dreams of a better life, she paced ahead on the foggy night towards her destination. She rechecked her watch. It was about time he would come there on his black Yamaha. She reached 10min ahead and saw a black bike waiting to zoom her away to eternal happiness. She was elated. “He kept his promise, he is the best”, she thought as she quickly sat on the bike and hugged him from behind. “Let’s run away from the land of hatred and honour killings to the land of love and peace”, she said. 

The foggy night and the helmet didn’t show his face, but the hug had familiar warmth. As the ignition started and the lights of a car following them fell on the side mirror, her worst fear came true…It was her brother riding the bike, not him.

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  1. OMG! Oh, please write a part 2. What happened to the guy? Does the brother take her back to her house and do they kill her? Or is he a nice guy who takes her to her beloved (though this is not the tone you have set)?

  2. Oh damn! What an unexpected end.


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