Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Playing secret elve this Christmas

As the midnight ushers in Christmas…Santa slides down the Chimney of the Indiblogeshwari house. Smiles, happiness and peace for everyone, are the gifts he has brought. And for lucky few blogeshwaris, he has also engaged the “secret elves” for a surprise gift…




And the chosen Blogeshwari is…Manogna from “Beeafteryou”

A newbee on the blogging scene (literally, as she introduces herself as a bee in her first post!), I was quite surprised for coincidentally, her blog name matches the name of one of my blogs created during my early blogging days!

Manogna, as she calls herself on her blog, has been in the blogging circuit since March 2013. She has already written 60 posts by now, each one refreshingly different.

The bright green background of her blog welcomes you and the IndiArtist Badge comes to notice almost instantly.

Her first post got me all smiling, for it’s a beautiful yet simple introduction…a very honest post where she thinks aloud and shares her dilemma on what to blog about- a common feeling within all of us when we start blogging.

A blogger with varied interests, she blogs about movies, travel, fashion and just about anything under the sun…I loved the honesty and simplicity in her posts. It’s good to see a blogger who writes for the love of blogging rather than to get a task completed.

By the way, the IndiArtist is pretty good at sketching and has posted some of her sketches on her blog. I particularly liked this one…

After reading her posts, I was intrigued to know more about her, but sadly her profile page doesn’t say anything about her…perhaps she could write few things about herself.
A very uncluttered and straightforward blog, I must say. After long long time I came across a blog which wasn’t cluttered with too many contest entries!

Way to go Manogna! Keep up the good work!

Wish you all a Merry Christmas!


  1. You are right about the wonderful sketches by manogna. I liked both your favourites. I could visualize the blog on reading your description and it turned out to be accurate :) Lovely review.

  2. I visited Bee After You just now. I read an absolutely delightful fairy tale!

    Good job Elf! Merry Christmas to you!

  3. Hey, I was clueless about Bee. Manogna, I loved Marlyn's sketch. Nice introduction and review.

  4. Hai..thanks a lottt for the review..i really enjoyed reading it.. *feeling blessed *

  5. well reviewed...sounds interesting :)

  6. Nice review. Thanks for posting links. Here sketches are truly amazing.

  7. Wonderful review..I loved her sketches too :D

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  9. Ah, Shaivi, we would have lost out on an artist had you not so painstakingly pointed out to Manogna's talent. What a wonderful job of a review you have done. Proud of you. I am sure the one who received this gift is equally thrilled :)


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