Saturday, 2 April 2016

B: Birthday Memories – A to Z Challenge

“Why does my birthday come only once a year?” As a kid, I used to frequently pester my mom with this question. Being youngest of four children in my family, I was the most pampered one. So, that meant extra pampering on birthdays. The day used to begin with bear hugs & wishes from mom, papa and my siblings. In the days of exclusive landline phones, every phone ring would bring a sparkle in my eyes as family friends and relatives would call to extend their wishes. I never missed school on my birthday, for it was one day when I would be treated like a princess by my friends. Birthdays were an occasion to flaunt the new frock bought just especially for the day, since we were allowed to give school dress a miss for the day. As I would distribute gifts to the class who joyously sang “Happy Birthday” for me, I felt like the guest of honor. And yes, the Maths teacher was also super sweet to me that day!

Back home, everyone would be busy preparing for the evening party. I have fond memories of the invitations, cake, confetti, gifts, food, games, dance and lot of fun with friends! Of course, next morning would feel like a hangover, especially if I had school.

With time, my definition of birthday celebration too changed. From lavish parties, birthdays began to be all about a cool eat treat with friends, gifts of my choice from parents and a nice family dinner.

Few more years passed…

The huge transformation in my birthday celebrations came after I began working. Birthdays became a much more private affair. In fact, the same me who enjoyed the attention during school days would turn pink and get conscious when my team sang a loud “Happy Birthday” followed by wishes from the entire floor.

Often I think about the change and it surprises me. I guess we all mellow down with age and value quality to quantity.

What are your memories of birthday celebrations?

This post is written as a part of the April A to Z Challenge 2016. 


  1. To be frank, I have never celebrated Birthdays after 2nd class. Before that, I had no idea though. But yes, there was a cake by mom and a great family meal. But thats pretty much it.

    Great post, by the way. :)

    PS: No, there is no such challenge as #Z2AChallenge. I created one because well, lets say I am weird. :)

  2. My birthdays were similar to yours - friends and family during childhood and then office mates making me blush :)
    What I don't like though is the smearing of the cake on the face. Cakes are too precious to be wasted that way I say :D

    Visiting From Ishithaa

  3. My birthday is a quite family affair.

  4. Nice of you to give out presents on your birthday :D
    My favorite part was always the cake. My mom makes really good cakes :)

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    The Multicolored Diary

  5. I have pictures from only one of my birthday parties as a child. But I know there were others. In my young teen years, sleepovers were the big thing. As I got older birthday parties were more about a big family dinner in which the person whose birthday we were celebrating got to choose the menu.
    Returning the visit from A to Z
    Jollett Etc.

  6. I still love my birthdays though they have taken a very different meaning in my life now... lovely post Shaivi :-)

  7. Feel of euphoria is getting dried up when you begin mellow with age.
    Nice write


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