Sunday, 24 April 2016

Q : Questions kids ask : A to Z Challenge

We know kids are by nature hyper inquisitive, however there are times when their questions put the elders in a hot seat. I never realised it until my little niece began her schooling and gave me the first taste of such a situation. 

Situation 1 
We had gone shopping to Lajpat Nagar (Delhi) during Diwali time. The market was buzzing with activity as people rushed to make the most out of festive discounts. Outside every shop was a "Sale" banner, trying to sit the prettiest and brightest so as to grab maximum eyeballs. As we were about to enter such a shop, my niece suddenly pulled my mom by her Saree. "What is it dear?"my mom asked. "Nani, why do I see the Sale written on banner as Saaley?" my niece said in an innocent voice and gave her signature "I haven't done anything" smile. Who could have thought that "sale"written on banners could be deciphered in that way as well? Not only were we all in splits, along with surprised customers who had heard her, I also realised that nowadays, kids have their own way of observing and deciphering things...

Situation 2
Pretty much the same, just that the location had changed. Few days after the first episode, we were shopping in South Extn market. We had entered the store "Mango" when my niece came running and asked mom, "Nani, why have they named their store Maango (meaning to ask for something in Hindi)?' I knew she wasn't that small to understand this one, so I caught her mischief and took her out of the store promptly before she could start guessing the reasons aloud.

If it has anything to do with genes, then I am to be blamed. We had purchased a vacuum cleaner, when I was a kid. As the salesperson gave demo for the suction application, I suddenly decided to prove my out of the box thinking. "Can we use this to suck in the rats who create havoc?" I promptly asked, leaving the poor guy embarrassed and speechless. I am still teased at family get togethers for this display of intelligence and innovation.

Do you recall such incidents?

This post is written for A to Z Challenge


  1. Kids can lighten up a situation or can totally embarrass us. My brother was a mischief monger. He created havoc with his silence. His silence meant something is broken in the house.

  2. If one can answer the questions asked by kids, then one can pass competative tests.


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