Wednesday, 20 April 2016

L : Lost : A to Z Challenge

Thinking of letter L, I was feeling somewhat lost, for I wanted to refrain from taking up the very popular Love. 

Have you ever been lost?

Well, most of us feel lost when we find ourselves back to our office desks on Monday mornings, don't we? But, I am asking about actually being lost.

How does it feel to be lost in a crowd?

We were vacationing in Orissa. I must have been around 7 back then. That afternoon is still as afresh in my mind as impressions on sand. After hours of playtime with waves, it was time to shower and change. Mom took me and my sis to the shower rooms while Dad and big bro preferred to laze out under the sun. Once I was done, mom asked me to wait while she and my sis got ready. But I was just too naughty to wait. So I told her that like a good gal, I will walk out straight to Dad and brother and wait with them. Since they were just outside the shower rooms on the beach, mom readily agreed and asked me to go straight to dad.

But if children did everything as instructed by elders, we wouldn't have childhood stories!

I was addicted to collecting sea shells. The moment I walked out, I began my treasure hunting and stuffed the findings in my pockets. So focussed I was that I even missed spotting Dad sitting nearby and instead walked away, building my treasure. After a while, when my legs cried of fatigue and pockets of being overstuffed, I suddenly noticed the noises of children playing had faded. When I looked up, the coastline was heading for a curve. 

That's when it hit me. In the age of no mobile phones and navigation, I was lost on the sea beach!

I felt a sudden burst of heat behind my ears. But, I had no time for fear.  So I did the next best possible thing - About turn. 

Suddenly, the treasure in my pockets became excess baggage and I offloaded some as I struggled to keep pace. I was scanning each face on the beach, but couldn't spot the ones I was looking for.

I had heard horror stories of goons kidnapping lost kids and forcing them into begging, so I controlled my tears. 

By then, my family too had discovered I was missing and search operation was at full swing. While mom was hysterical, my elder sister with her presence of mind intact was scanning every nook and corner. But it wasn't a market with defined boundaries. It was a huge coastline!

I guess, God is very kind and pardons us for our mistakes. That afternoon, God pardoned me for not obeying my mom's instructions. My sister, with her 6/6 vision, fortunately recognised my frock from faraway, which almost appeared to her like a dot. The next moment, she was running non stop to chase that dot.

Just when tears were about to overpower my courage, I saw my sister running towards me. We had a typical Bollywood reunion as we hugged each other and I broke down. That day, she was nothing less than God for me, for had she not spotted me, perhaps I wouldn't be writing this blog. 

Have you ever been lost?

This post is written for the A to Z Challenge.

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