Thursday, 14 April 2016

J : Just Do It: A to Z Challenge

The simple no nonsense punchline of Nike always brings a naughty smile on my face, for it reminds me of a very silly incident from my childhood. For us, the children of 80s, malls and international brands were non existent until late 90s, by when most of us had reached high school. 

It was my cousin's marriage. As was the culture, relatives swarmed the house like bees days before the wedding. It was tough then, to find space for oneself in such hustle and bustle. The topmost floor of my uncle's house had been recently vacated by his tenant, an ace fashion photographer, and they couldn't help boasting about their high profile ex - tenant.

The top floor was left open to accommodate relatives. One morning, as my younger cousin and I were playing, we spotted a strange poster on the bathroom door. Those were the days when having a poster on the doors and walls reflected one's attitude. Hours were spent in Archies Galleries trying to pick the perfect poster that complimented one's persona.

However, the poster we saw on that door had nothing extraordinary to add to someone's personality. Nor did it display the usual cute cartoons that made gals crazy. Instead, it just mentioned three words above a curve - JUST DO IT.

Being the youngest of the lot also made us the naughtiest and we never left an opportunity for mischief. The poster got our grey matter in action. For long, we kept wondering why would someone choose to have these words on a poster. 

Finally, we came to a consensus, "Just like we hate to get up in the morning and go to school, the previous tenant too, hated mornings. So, he put up this poster to console himself. We can't stop our moms from waking us up early and forcing into shower. Then, the only way to push oneself is to say - Just do it and get over"

With feeling of triumph over our successful research and sympathy for the poor guy, the two of us made this a secret joke until the wedding functions were over. Every time, we would want a good laugh, we would look at each other, say "Just Do It" and start laughing. The elders would get curious about our mysterious joke for a while and eventually resume their business. 

Of course, I didn't have to wait for long to realise that the words on the poster were not customised for the tenant. The day I bought my first Nike, I had to tell myself the same three words to stop laughing and finish shopping - JUST DO IT!

This post is written for A to Z Challenge


  1. I enjoyed your personal story about the poster and the wedding activities.
    I'm doing the atozchallenge too.

  2. Such a cute story :) Reminded me of all those secret stories and jokes my sister and I used to share as kids!


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