Friday, 1 April 2016

A brave attempt

For the past three days, I have been controlling my temptation to participate in the A to Z challenge. Often, I used to read posts and wonder, "I will participate when I have time." However, “When I have time” too is a very grey concept.

Finally, today I gave in to the temptation. Damyanti’s blog was a big motivator, for she had done a marvelous job of simplifying the whole process and providing all the information in one post. So, this evening, while I was on my way back home from work, the challenge was all that I was thinking of. 

I know writing a month’s post in advance is the key, for networking is a key factor here. This coupled with the daily pendulum between home, office and motherhood leaves me thirsty for me time. So, I take up the challenge today, more for giving myself few minutes of “me time” for a month, more than anything else. Whether or how much of it I can manage, only time will tell. But, isn’t it better to try and try rather than not trying at all? 


  1. Congratulations on taking this brave step. You will be extremely happy that you did. Good start!!

  2. Welcome aboard! Happy A to Z!
    I'm doing 7 blogs this year for the challenge. Here we go ...

    1. Thanks! Good luck to u as well for the challenge!


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