Saturday, 9 April 2016

G : Games : A to Z Challenge

I loved playing games as a kid, hide n seek being my favourite. The moment clock struck 4, my friends used to get together to play. Mom would often be engrossed in her afternoon siesta by then and never needed an alarm to wake up. For the shrill voices of my friends calling me to play were good enough to wake her up. 

Summer vacations were bonus time as we got time to play a variety of games, often indoors due to the sultry heat. Come vacations and our scrabble and monopoly boxes would see the light. 

I was addicted to Badminton and often even missed my meals for a good match. I remember several times during vacations, mom used to call me home and finally come sometimes at 11 in the night to scold me and take me back home! 

Games taught us early a lot about team spirit and sportsmanship. Each one of us wanted to lead the group, so there were frequent fights, red faces, boycotts and then after few days, things would be back to normal.

Much better than the games elders play...

Which were your favourite games as a child?

This post is written for A to Z Challenge

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  1. What a coincidence!!! I Wrote about Games too for the challenge.


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