Wednesday, 20 April 2016

N : News readers : A to Z Challenge

Ask any kid about their favourite TV program, and you will get answers ranging from cartoons, music shows to sitcoms. I bet if you will ever get to hear "NEWS" as the answer.

But, childhood in the 80s was very different. Instead of being spoilt by choices, we spoiled the game for them, by being simple. There were limited channels and limited programs, which is why they have an amazing recall value in our minds even today.

Every evening, the moment clock struck 8, I would dash towards our TV set to watch my favourite program - English news.

Back then, neither did I understand a word of what was being said on the TV, nor was I interested in the faces of politicians showing up everyday like uninvited guests on TV screens. But there was just one thing that kept me glued to the news - News readers.

Back in the 80s, Doordarshan boasted of legendary news readers, whose style still makes them every news reader's idol. My favourite was Rini Khanna whom I almost worshipped for her immaculate diction and perfect phonetics. I would observe everything - right from the clothes to styling, pauses and pronunciation,

Once the news would be over, my bulletin would commence. Wrapped in my mom's saree, I would grab the newspaper and pretend to be the news reader. Like a copycat, I would imitate their expressions, poise and diction, much to the irritation of my forced viewers!

While destiny took me on a different career path, those news readers have occupied an irreplaceable place in my heart. 

If you too remember the news readers of the 80s, this video will be a treat 

This post is written for A to Z Challenge

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