Thursday, 21 April 2016

P : Premchand : A to Z Challenge

If you are a Hindi literature aficionado, there is one name that for sure would sit with pride on your bookshelf - Munshi Premchand. The king of realism, he centred his writings around social issues in pre independence India. His ability to sensitise his readers with pain of his characters can perhaps be attributed to his difficult life.  That's why, decades later, his stories based in prehistoric India still strikes a chord with modern day readers. 

I was introduced to Premchand by my mother, herself a big fan and there has been no looking back for me ever since.

Many adaptations of Premchand's works have come, but I fell in love with this TV series I found on Youtube last year. Excellent screenplay coupled with power packed performance of industry veterans make these stories a treat to watch.

Here are some episodes of the amazing series - 



Sawa Ser Gehun

This post is written for A to Z Challenge


  1. Mom dad used to tell me a lot about him! I've never read him myself though... thanks for sharing the videos... :-)

  2. Great writer. I read only a few of his translated works.

  3. my favourite writer. Thanks for the post.


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